December 8, 2023
What is high ticket digital marketing

What Is High Ticket Digital Marketing?

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High ticket digital marketing is a low-cost, high-volume strategy that has the ability to generate significant profits with fewer sales. The sale of goods and services is done on digital platforms and these can be selling digital subscriptions, software as a service (SaaS), eCommerce etc.

High ticket goods and services are costly and valuable offerings. Although they require a substantial financial commitment, they give customers a high rate of return. The buyer knows that even though they are going to spend o lot of money on the offering, the returns are usually better.

Leads and Sales

Lead generation and eCommerce are the two major elements that make up high-ticket digital marketing.

Lead Generation:

Describes techniques you might employ to get potential clients to provide you with their contact information. These details can then be used to get in touch with them and persuade them to purchase your goods or services or any goods or services you promote. Maybe as an affiliate marketer.


The term “ecommerce” refers to businesses and individuals that purchase and resell goods and services online or over the internet. E-commerce can be done on computers, tablets, cellphones, and other smart devices, and it operates in a variety of market categories. For example, if you in affiliate marketing of just starting off, you can use a marketplace like Amazon or build your own online business.

Digital Marketing Techniques for High-Ticket Sales

Pick the appropriate marketing channel. Choosing the appropriate marketing channel is the first step in putting a high-ticket digital marketing strategy into action. It’s possible that what works well for one product won’t work for another.

Steps to Creating High Ticket Digital Marketing

Make irresistible offer (Must have type of offer)

In essence, an offer is what you provide to clients in exchange for their contact information. It might be a discount, a risk-free trial, or a free product sample. Whatever you choose to give must be something of genuine value.

Design amazing professional landing page

A landinding page is simply a webpage where your potential clients land on after clicking on your adverts.These  pages are usually straight to the point and have specific intention, which is to persuade your potential client to act so that you can convert them from potential to actual clients.

Most people don’t use landing pages because they say they are not web developers and are unable to develop such, or don’t have the budget to pay for sales funnels. There are however some good free ones out there, such as

Create Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a series of actions that guides potential clients or customers toward making a purchase decision. The term “high-ticket sales funnel” is used to describe a marketing strategy that involves moving a customer through a series of more expensive purchases.

High-ticket funnels are a very effective marketing tactic that, when applied properly, might bring in a lot of cash. If you correctly apply your sales funnel strategies, your high-ticket funnel will convert. is a very good tool to use for  your sales funnels if you are a beginner or have no budget  for starting  out.

Promote Your Content

Now that you  have the above in place, you need to make people aware of it by promoting it on various platforms. For this, avoid spamming people with your link all over hoping that they will be interested. Create valuable content on different platforms with a clear call to action that will drive traffic to your landing page for more information. Some free traffic sources are, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest etc.  Canva is a very handy tool to help you create amazing call to action designs. You can check out our Ultimate Guide To Best Designs blog post if you want to know more about Canva.

Make sure you’re leveraging the right platforms, creating the right content, and creating connections in your sales funnel. Therefore, you might use LinkedIn to create blog posts throughout the commitment period.

Final Thoughts

In terms of the sale of certain product types, the High-Ticket Affiliate digital marketing strategy is different from traditional Affiliate Marketing. It is preferable to make a few high-ticket sales than to incur losses on significant product sales. You will therefore need to have some experience appraising expensive things in order to increase your commission rate.

You’ll discover that the best course of action in high ticket affiliate marketing is to sign up for a trustworthy affiliate program, then set up  professional sales funnels.

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